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Sunlife Total Health Inc.

     Sun Life total health Inc. was established in 2005 and incorporated in 2009 by Chango the Herbalist also known as Rstafari I.M.C.  Natural herbs give us the basic benefits our body needs. Shango was inspired and decided to create herbal tonic drinks to help the body combat various health problems naturally. Some of the great health benefits include stimulation of the thyroid gland, and boosting the immune system from the first drink ever made 'Lionpaw Wood Roots tonic.' Sunlife Health provides our customers with scientific information and supply a product to help detoxify the body, in order to prevent and reverse auto-intoxication self-poisoning and detoxify the digestive system. Another example is 'Sandside Intestinal Herb Wood Root Bitter' it cleans and purifies the mind. Herbs have held an important place in health and wellness since ancient times. Organic foods generally supply more vitamins and minerals, and have less residue from pesticides which  are associated with serious diseases. 
​        Take care of your body, mind and soul the natural way. Sunlife Health provides you with great knowledge, and supply you with a product that can help you take charge of your health. Significantly higher rates of high blood pressure, hypertension, circulation of blood, and diabetes are present in the black community in particular. Today people are rediscovering the benefits of roots, barks, and herbs to combat the health issues in our community.

Live in harmony with nature.



              I born in Jamaica West Indies Grew up with my mother and step father, my mother was always working a 9 to 5 job Monday to Friday and my step father was a carpenter and loved to farm. At a tender age I admire both parents and how hard they work to maintain our family. I always go to the bush with my step father learning the basics on how to tilt the soil and plant ground food. While I was a teenager, I note that it was very hard go in to the bushes to tilt the soil and plant ground food, while going to school but I develop a love for cooking when I was in school. I considered cooking as my major skill.  Before Ieaving for school, I would prepare food at home pack it in lunch boxes and sold it to my friends at lunch time.They always complemented my cooking.

            At the age 22 year old, I started reading a lot of the bible, I wanted to know more and the thing my mother would say to us when we were children, about Jesus and the Almighty God. But there come the difference in life. My calling and inspiration of learning of Rastafarian, the culture that I grow up into, I always admire the way of life of Rasta brother and Sister, but never liked the lacks and the smoking. I admire them the way they are In tune with the omens, with mother nature, the teaching of Africa, the opinions of Marcus Garvey, and Ethiopia emperor Haile Selassie. I note I was not cutting my hair any more, most of my friend was still cutting the hair. I was the only one in my friend group. I developed a conciseness , self-awareness to answer to my calling of a spiritual life, reading a lot more on herbs, bark, spice how the body can heal itself if it get the right nutrients, I stoped eating meat and dairy products. I become very close to Baba Rahsan of Sundial. He thought me a lot about herbs and other spiritual things. At this  I was still working 2 full time jobs and still have my responsibility of a man to pay all my bills. I remember my biggest brother came to my house, and I cooked veggie chunks. He ask if I started eating meat again, when I told him its was vegan he could not believe it. I made curry baggie chunk, my friends and family have always said I should cook for a living. Still working two jobs, growing my lacks, living the life of a Rastafarian, I Started making a roots Tonic now named the Lion Paw, 2001 and sold it in the community to the local store. From there I started saving money knowing I wanted to open my own store.

             I tried to go into partnership with a friend  but the fact that I was still working 2 jobs, it didn’t work out. I then decided to do it by myself. October 11, 2005 I open a store name Sun life Total Health Inc. I employed family and friends, but it was a struggle the first few years. I lost one of my job, and quit the other one. I become the head chaff for my company Sun life Total Health, Preparing a wide variety of veggie foods daily and created more herbal Tonic such as Sandside intestinal herbal bitter, Benefactor wood root super tonic, slim possible drink, along with the original lion paw tonic. Store was open 7 days a week, up and running, it’s a blessing and I want to thank my mother, father and all who give their support for this worthy cause of a brother that decided to answer to his calling and is now serving the community and sharing healthy living to our people.



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NezCameron W.


"This store helped save my life from malnutrition while homeless. A true oasis in the urban “food” desert."

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